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ANGACOM 23.-25. May 2023

Mission 2024 is now really picking up speed.

Transcoding as a cloud application, remote PHY network, service monitoring or network management with automated processes.

The digital transformation is multi-faceted and starts differently with every network operator.

We want to be your trusted solution provider and support you in your new ventures with DevOps engineering.

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Audio Video CODEC System for encoding, transcoding, streaming and routing between a variety of protocols.

Each input can be routed to several outputs via the internal matrix, all conceivable combinations are possible.

Media processing is supported with a variety of encoding algorithms, and the list is constantly expanding with the latest standards.

SRT Gateway live TV and radio delivery.

Web radio transcoding to IPTV transport stream.

Video transcoding HD-SD.

Direkt Encoder & Router

DVB encoding and fail-safe TV contribution via public internet with BIFROST, SRT, RIST, HLS etc.

The Direct Encoder Compact was developed for the requirements of live event TV with small production teams. The breakthrough BRT protocol eliminates the need for costly and latency-inducing cloud subscriptions.

"We're developing technologies like Direct Encoder that address real-world needs to be more creative while streamlining the process of TV production."


With the products from Comtech, we enable a comprehensive range of solutions for the transmission of TV and Internet services.

HFC, RFoG, RF-overlay and remote PHY for Cable OS and Cisco CBR9.


DataMiner® transforms emerging technologies into a consolidated operating platform, giving you the agility to continuously evolve in a rapidly changing world with many unknowns.

With the DataMiner® NMS & Orchestration platform, we strengthen network operators in the transformation to data-supported system operation.

RCS-400 C

Clever monitoring probes for IPTV and DVB detect impending signal disturbances at an early stage and reduce failures of your TV and radio services.


RF channel monitoring in round-trip.

Spectrum monitoring.

Round-trip IPTV channel monitoring.


Service Multiviewer will alert you if the picture and sound quality does not meet your expectations.

Monitoring of the service quality at network transfer points.

Video / audio quality monitoring per service.

Service round-robin and continuous service monitoring.


Handy measuring devices for TV service technicians in the network and headend. 

Measuring, documenting and troubleshooting - it doesn't work without modern tools.

Multi standard meter.

For measurement technicians in the field and headend.

All TV and radio standards, WIFI.

Remote web GUI and 24/7 operation.