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Together with the innovative audio expertise of Qbit, the globally established audio product manufacturer, we deliver end-to-end audio system solutions for contribution and distribution.

As pioneers in the design of IP audio systems, radio broadcasters, network operators, cable TV operators and streaming providers help to achieve the best listening experiences via FM, DAB +, DVB, web and podcast.

Audio Codec Management System

Q8V is a universal audio codec management system for digital audio applications such as encoding, transcoding, multiplexing, web streaming, pod casting and audio monitoring.

The interface box Q820 is the link between modern all-IP audio concepts and traditional audio signals such as AES / EBU and MADI.

Q820 converts the signals bidirectionally.

  • Q8V Appliance
  • Q820 Audio Converter
  • Q8V Chameleon
Q8V Audio Codec System
Q820 Signal Converter


Radio Transcoder FM & DAB+

Local radio programs can mainly be received via FM, DAB + or the Internet.

For cable TV providers, hotels and hospitals in particular, feeding in local radio programs is of great added value for customers, guests and patients.

For web radio and DVB radio transcoding, Q8V Audio Codec Management System is the right product.

  • Q567-Q565-1
  • DAB+FM Transcoder
Q567 DAB+ Radio Transcoder
Q565 FM Radio Transcoder