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Portable measuring devices

Handy measuring devices for service technicians as well as for training and test laboratories.

With an innovative operating concept, smart touch technology and cloud connection, you work more mobile, easier and more productive than ever before.

Our test and measurement tools are ideal for the detailed analysis of radio, TV and data signals.

The numerous measurement functions offer a universal test solution for cable, wireless, fiber optic and telecommunications networks.

  • pp.Hexylon2_1
  • Hexylon.monitoring.PC.Grafik
  • P4i-Startseit
P4i Return Path

Monitoring Probes

In the highly competitive cable TV and broadcast market, the provision of highly available live and streaming services is the key to maintaining and expanding your valuable customer base.

Clever monitoring systems detect impending malfunctions at an early stage, which may result in a service failure. You know the negative reactions of your customers to such disturbances.

Monitoring probes with comprehensive monitoring features help to keep your quality of service at the top level.

  • RCS.Grafik.Monitoring
  • GProbe.Grafik.Monitoring
  • X16.Grafik.Monitoring
RCS- 400 DVB-C/T2/S2/IP
G-Probe 10 DVB-C & IP
RCS-100 DAB+
X16 Return Path Monitor
S16 RF Switch

Audio & Video Analyzer

Powerful audio - video analysis tools and unique visualizations of measurement data are required for the evaluation of video compression, processing, communication and streaming products. Our analyzers and signal players are used in research and development as well as for quality optimization by manufacturers, broadcasters and MSOs.

  • CV.Grafik.Monitoring
  • RTM.Grafik.Monitoring2
  • VP.Grafik.Monitoring2
Clearview 4k/8k Analyzer
RTM A/V Monitor
Venue Video Player


Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) are extremely important in the highly competitive multi-media market. Multiviewer systems monitor and analyze audio and video errors at every point in the signal chain. 

  • PRISMON.w800
  • Prismon Mosaik1600x1200
Prismon Multiviewer

IP Network Analyzer

The IT network infrastructures are complex and develop rapidly. With our TAP (Test Access Point) solutions, the data traffic is recorded and analyzed. Performance and security problems are uncovered in no time.

  • IOTA-1G10G-Dashboards-600px
  • Profitap-3
IOTA Network Sniffer
Fiber Tap's
Copper Tap's

HFC Element Management System

A rapidly growing number of TV & Internet customers is the dream of every network operator. The associated increase in devices in the HFC network, however, represents a management challenge. Our EMS solutions offer every network size a professional standard system with HMS, SMC and Docsis transponders and enable centralized remote control of the entire HFC network.

  • X2.Grafik.Monitoring
  • Common_02 Grafik
  • NDX.Grafik.Monitoring
X2 HMS Controller
ComMon EMS
NDX OOB Gateway