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DataMiner Network Management System 

designed for monitoring, maintaining and optimizing your eco-system operation

DataMiner is a fully integrated Network Management System and talks with any hardware, software, and on-premises or off-premises touchpoint. 

This platform allows true end-to-end integration from service origin to destination and bridges the gap between your operation and your business.

A powerful NMS to monitor and control your entire operation in real time

The DataMiner Network Management System helps you to make real-time, data-driven decisions and reduces the time to solve operational issues.

End-to-End Integration

DataMiner guarantees true end-to-end integration of any data source from any vendor, irrespective of the interface or protocol.

All Operational Proceses

Full integration and automation from a business perspective, including ticketing, customer and service portals, billing, ordering, marketing, etc.

Augmented Operation

Artificial Intelligence is built into the core of the DataMiner Network Management System, and enables real-time and offline analytics.

Orchestration & Automation

Rely on far-reaching automation processes and keep up with the fast-changing market demands while maintaining great performance.

The right solution for everyone

Fault Management

End-to-end viewuser-definable intuitive UI.

Correlation Engine

Detects critical events based on real-time data root cause analysis.

Configuration Management

Gets resources ready (re)stores configurations all operational assets.

Performance Management

Performance analysis detailed historical KPIs improves business stability.

Service Monitoring

360° view on service status instant trending & alarming on all levels.

Automation Engine

Set up automatic actions deliver complex services level up service quality.

Resource Manager

Off-the-shelf feature manages all resources essential SRM component.

Profile Manager

lear service instantiation user-definable profiles can be linked to VFs.

Connectivity Manager

Physical and logical east-west service flows virtualized infrastructures.

Scheduling Engine

Execute time-based actions
schedule automation scripts
plan resources & bookings.

Visual Overview

Intuitive graphical UI object linking in MS Visio run-time editing.

Router Control Panels

Manages all signal routing easy-to-use front end user-definable layout.

DataMiner Dashboards

Create custom dashboards
immersive experience shows real-time data.

Geographical Maps

Map-managed data sources
real-time status information see connections & services.

Security & Access Control

Advanced access control
single sign-on AD, LADP, Radius & Crowd.

Mobile Gateway

Instant notifications
relevant info at hand any mobile platform.

System Center

Manage users & access read & flush log files triggers software updates.

Business Intelligence

Manage SLA & OLA business impact info input & output services.

Extend your capabilities with

Service & Resource Manager


Infrastructure Discovery & Provisioning


Out-of-the-box Applications


DataMiner is a Network Management System that covers different solutions

DataMiner for Content Creation

Deliver and create new and diverse content much faster.

This way to learn how.


DataMiner for Service Providers

DataMiner takes care of both media & platform services, end to end.

Remain on air at all times.


DataMiner for Content Distribution

Choose the best strategy to adapt to the ever-changing television industry.

Discover why we're the obvious choice.


DataMiner for Govt & Defense

Manage your mission-critical infrastructure end to end, with all relevant information.

We've got you covered.


Experience our live demo system

Catch a first glimpse of DataMiner and see for yourself why it's the leading NMS/OSS solution for the ICT media and broadband industry!