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P4i HFC Return Path Analyzer

Kronback Tracers P4i is a Docsis 3.1 compatible return path spectrum analyzer with carrier monitoring capability and an excellent Pilot tone generator. Multiple units can work together, providing a complete 1218 MHz sweep system.

A compact housing with ruggedized pushbuttons and a high contrast sun readable display together with a long-lasting battery ensures that the unit is the right choice for demanding HFC field technicians.


Returnpath Spectrum Analyzer

The Kronback Tracers P4i returnpath analyzer provides a real-time spectrum display ranging from 3 to 204 MHz. It can be placed in the headend/hub site or in street racks for temporary measurement usage. In street racks the 3 inputs can be used to analyze multiple HFC branches for noise.

Downstream Carrier Monitor

Downstream carriers can be monitored within the 50-1218 MHz range. Precise readout of analog and digital carriers is presented online.

Sweep System

The P4i features a powerful up- and downstream sweep system supporting the full returnpath range of 3-204 MHz and downstream from 50 up to 1218 MHz. Together with the powerful X16 headend unit, a full and precise network alignment can be performed effectively.

Pilot Tone Generator

The P4i provides 2 pilot tones for precise network alignment. Each pilot tone can be set frequency and level agile within the full 3-1218 MHz range.

Sun Anti Glare Display

A state of the art QVGA color display ensures a precise and pleasant readout of the P4i. The display is anti-reflective and ensures excellent working conditions, even in direct sunlight exposure.

Smart Mobile Device Support

The P4i can be accessed via the built in Bluetooth antenna or via Ethernet.