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Digital success stories

From complex system integration to simple product delivery - our customers rely on the competence and performance of EuroMedia-Service.

It makes us proud to have successfully implemented countless projects.

We look forward to adding your project to this list soon.

DVB-S radio encoding system.

After 15 years of successful operation, ARD broadcasters are again relying on the tried and tested DVB audio encoder technology from Qbit. The software-based audio encoder instance Q8V with the underlying Q880 hardware and the Q820 audio signal converter can be flexibly configured to the respective requirements of the broadcasters. In addition, this DVB audio encoder system concept offers a wide range of options for implementing various special requirements.



Radio service transcoding platform.

As part of the headend consolidation project, Vodafone relies on Q8V as a fully virtual audio transcoder system. All radio services fed in are standardized in terms of signal technology and quality via Q8V and then distributed throughout Germany across the entire Vodafone network.


DataMiner Network Management System in the digital headend system.

Magenta (T-Mobile Austria - UPC Austria) monitors and controls all manufacturer-independent headend components with DataMiner. By using Dataminer Device Drivers programmed by EuroMedia-Service, the look and feel of Dataminer is adapted to the operational workflows of Magenta. DataMiner is the world's leading end-to-end network management platform that makes the operation of complex media systems easier and more efficient.

Live TV feed to various MSO networks.

BSP Studio produces Live TV. With the use of Direkt Router Lite, the live TV programs are sent to various TV network providers via the public Internet. With this contribution solution, the operating costs are considerably reduced compared to leased lines.

Monitoring & control of headend and HFC network.

Neu-medianet GmbH operates as a subsidiary of Stadtwerk Neu-Brandenburg for the expansion and operation of the triple-play services TV, Internet and telephony. To monitor and control all devices installed in the headend and network, neu-medianet relies on the manufacturer-independent network management system Dataminer with device drivers programmed by EuroMedia-Service. Dataminer enables neu-medianet the successive integration of the entire multimedia system and realizes end-to-end quality assurance of TV, Internet and telephony.

IPTV headend and IP-capable displays for the educational institution in Nümbrecht.

As a sub-project of the renovation building measure of the educational facility in Nümbrecht, a modern IPTV headend was delivered ready for operation by Astro Strobel. 40 HD TV services are fed in and offered to guests in the overnight rooms and in the public areas via Panasonic hotel IPTVs. The TV offers are also available to employees on their office PC.

Live stream and broadcast signal monitoring.

ZDF uses a new multiviewer & audio-video content monitoring system for evaluation and test purposes. Prismon can be used in an extremely versatile way for monitoring the quality of audio / video signals. Because the convergent monitoring system can process all native broadcast signals as well as all types of distribution signals, ZDF decided in favor of Prismon.


In-house live streaming and monitoring.

The Press and Information Office of the Federal Government of Germany, or Federal Press Office for short, makes live video streaming available to its teleworkers and mobile employees via the in-house multimedia network. The live streaming system TAC transcodes the video signals received from the IPTV-IGMP system into the HLS streaming format. The advantage of the TAC Transcoder Streaming solution is that it can also serve as a streaming server for up to 250 competing streaming clients. TAC provides the streaming URLs directly for the intranet portal of the Federal Press Office. The media-convergent multiviewer monitoring system Prismon enables the media technology department to automatically monitor both the live streaming signals and the IPTV multicast signals. Prismon detects signal errors and audio-video quality problems that would limit the work of teleworkers or mobile workers in their work.


Hardware upgrade of the existing HFC equipment for Dosics 3.1 frequency ranges.

By means of hardware modification of the existing optical platform Prisma II from Cisco as well as the development and production of new diplex filters for the optical nodes, the entire HFC network could be made Docis 3.1 capable within a short period of time. The cost savings and time savings compared to a new installation are enormous benefits for TKS.

Multi-standard measuring device for system service and transmitter operation.

ARD broadcasters and ORS use Hexylon as a universal signal measuring device for IPTV, DAB +, DVB-T2, FM, DVB-S2, DVB-C and WIFI. The handiness and the intuitive operating concept with swipe display and remote web GUI were important arguments in choosing Hexylon. Because of the extensive measurement functions, Hexylon is valued as a very useful tool for in-house system support as well as by the measurement technicians in the transmitter company.

8K video analyzer system for the media technology course.

The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Department of Computer Science Media Design, uses the 8K Clearview Extreme video analyzer system for research tasks and study-related internships. ClearView Extreme 8K is the industry's first full-featured video quality analysis system for 8K resolution that enables users to measure and analyze the quality of uncompressed 8K video using perceptual metrics and visual comparisons side-by-side on a single monitor. ClearView Extreme 8K enables broadcast engineers and researchers to understand the generational and image quality potential of new 8K formats.

Convergent service and audio-video content monitoring system.

Hessian broadcasting company uses Prismon Service Multiviewer for 24/7 monitoring of all HR radio and TV programs. Prismon is an innovative and versatile, software-based solution for monitoring and analyzing audio / video content. The solution supports a variety of standards for quality monitoring, conventional DVB, DAB +, IP as well as OTT streaming scenarios.


DVB-C QAM channel monitoring.

Unitymedia (Vodafone) uses RCS-400 C in combination with DataMiner NMS for QAM channel or service monitoring. EuroMedia-Service delivers a tailor-made monitoring system which is precisely tailored to the operational requirements in the Network Operation Center (NOC). RCS 400 DVB-C is a professional monitoring probe which simultaneously monitors and alerts DVB-C HF parameters as well as IPTV multicast stream parameters and transport stream parameters. The intensive integration of RCS in DataMiner enables virtually every NOC operator request.

DVB-T2 and DAB + broadcast network monitoring.

The ORS operates the digital terrestrial broadcasting network for the ORF throughout Austria. RCS-400 T2 from GSERTEL is used to monitor the nationally broadcast DVB-T2 ORF programs. The main advantages of the RCS-400 T2 system are the parallel monitoring of the transmitter feed signals as well as the quality control of the transmitted high-frequency signals. RCS-400 T2 was integrated into the existing Umbrella Network Management System of the ORS and has become an important part of the operation of the entire broadcast system.

Programming of Device Driver Connector for Dataminer NMS.

The broadcast company, which is part of the RTL Group, looks after production technology and broadcast infrastructure for RTL programs in Luxembourg. EuroMedia-Service programs so-called device drivers for the OSS BSS Network Management System Dataminer in accordance with the BCE operating requirements.

The BCE operating requirements were implemented exactly in the Dataminer Driver. With the independent driver programming from EuroMedia-Service, BCE can quickly and flexibly implement new operational requirements.

IPTV system and FTTx network.

Gemeindewerk Nümbrecht relies on an IPTV solution with Tangram headend and Optopus FTTx network equipment. EuroMedia-Service delivers a turnkey project consisting of 2 satellite reception antennas with multiswitch signal, Tangram DVB-S according to IPTV implementation for 366 IPTV services. The FTTx network contains Optopus optical transmitters and amplifiers as well as optical 1:64 splitters for up to 256 IPTV participants. The main advantage is the modular system concept so that after the first pilot phase the system grows with the increase in the number of IPTV subscribers.

Web radio feed into the DVB-C network., the triple play provider for TV, Internet and telephone, feeds international radio programs into the DVB-C and IPTV network with the help of the Q8V appliance. By opting for the Applicance solution, receives an absolutely secure product because the Internet access is separated by the audio transcoding unit. With the Q8V, up to 100 radio programs can be received and transcoded.


Modernization of the HFC network.

Tele Columbus uses optical transmitters and optical HFC nodes from Comtech for the HFC network modernization in various network regions. After intensive technical evaluation and adjustments, Tele Columbus released Comtech products for network modernization. The modular transmitter series FOT, return path receiver series ROR and the fiber node MO1201 offer a very good price-performance ratio and enable the Tele Columbus to carry out efficient modernization projects.

HFC network monitoring and ingress control with HMS protocol.

The X2 HMS controller from Comtech replaces the discontinued HMS controller Phoenix from Cisco in the Unitymedia HFC network. Unitymedia continues to focus on the successfully established HFC management protocol HMS, because it offers significant advantages in the event of ingress disruptions in the HFC network. Comtech's HMS Controller X2 offers enormous advantages over Phoenix. X2 has a modular structure with TX and RX plug-in cards and also supports use in Docsis 3.1 frequency ranges. X2 is operated in the entire Unitymedia network and is integrated in the Umbrella Management System.