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We are consultants, integrators and service partners for multi-media, IPTV, broadcasting products.

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About us

Every multimedia system is individual and contains a large number of complex products. We are able to select the right products and merge them into a complete system that meets the requirements. This is why customers want to work with us.

Measure  |  Analysis  |  Montoring  |  Controling

Handy measuring devices for radio & TV service technicians in the network and headend.

Reliable signal monitoring systems for quality assurance of complex transmission systems and distribution networks.

Detailed audio & video analyzer for checking the integrity of signals and for product evaluation.

Simple Element Manager solutions for monitoring and controlling HFC networks with HMS, SMC and Docsis transponders.


  • PP.Hexylongrafik
  • RCS.Grafik.Monitoring
  • GProbe.Grafik.Monitoring
  • P4i-Startseit
  • X16.Grafik.Monitoring
  • Grafik.X2


Encoding  |  Transcoding  |  Streaming

Audio codec solutions for the transport and distribution of radio programs.

A well thought-out audio product series as ready-to-use hardware or as virtualized software for cable TV headends, radio broadcast networks, studio-to-studio connections and web radio streaming.

Useful signal converters and audio receiver decoders complete the product range.

  • Q8V Appliance
  • Q820 Audio Converter
  • Q8V Chameleon
Audio Products