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We are consultants, integrators and service partners for multi-media, IPTV, broadcasting products.

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Every multimedia system is individual and contains a large number of complex products. We are able to select the right products and merge them into a complete system that meets the requirements. This is why customers want to work with us.

Measure  |  Analysis  |  Montoring  |  Controling

Handy measuring devices for radio & TV service technicians in the network and headend.

Reliable signal monitoring systems for quality assurance of complex transmission systems and distribution networks.

Detailed audio & video analyzer for checking the integrity of signals and for product evaluation.

Simple Element Manager solutions for monitoring and controlling HFC networks with HMS, SMC and Docsis transponders.


  • PP.Hexylongrafik
  • RCS.Grafik.Monitoring
  • GProbe.Grafik.Monitoring
  • P4i-Startseit
  • X16.Grafik.Monitoring
  • Grafik.X2


Encoding  |  Transcoding  |  Streaming

Audio codec solutions for the transport and distribution of radio programs.

A well thought-out audio product series as ready-to-use hardware or as virtualized software for cable TV headends, radio broadcast networks, studio-to-studio connections and web radio streaming.

Useful signal converters and audio receiver decoders complete the product range.

  • Q8V Appliance
  • Q820 Audio Converter
  • Q8V Chameleon
Audio Products


Encoding  |  Decoding  |  Transcoding

In a world full of video entertainment, the winners will be those who stand out from the crowd with excellent video quality and the highest user QoE.

So that your customers get the expected view experience, we offer you high-quality video encoders, transcoders and decoders with the latest technology.

Our broadcast-grade video solutions offer excellent compression technology from MPEG-2 and H.264 to H.265 UHD HDR.

  • Sivac-1 compact2
  • Laguna22
  • Sivac-1 frame3
Video Products