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IPTV Contribution & Remote Production

We believe that going live should be easy and Direkt. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are covering – we have a solution for every scenario! With the Direkt Link, it is easy to move around and broadcast from various locations using any internet connection. With a Direkt receiver or router in your control room, a TV channel can receive the live broadcast and use it in production. ISS, Intinor’s system for statistics and supervision, helps with testing, verification and troubleshooting of network connections.

The Software offers a live video streaming solution that makes it possible to source, manage and deliver video for live events, live linear television and OTT. Only this Software provides broadcast quality, 99.9999% reliability at scale over any IP or hybrid IP network while also providing the flexibility that modern economics require for IPTV solutions.

Reliable distribution of content from the central playout server to all television stations typically requires an expensive, service level agreement (SLA) managed network. Enhancing reliability with disaster recovery and confidence monitoring means adding gear from different vendors, further complicating operations, and increasing your already-high monthly bandwidth costs. VideoFlow Digital Video Protection (DVP) and Digital Video Gateway (DVG) products simplify TV station group operations and reduce monthly communication costs.

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